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Patient-Specific 3D Printed Titanium Implants

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Supercraft3D - An Introduction

Dr. Deepak Gubbi Shivarathre is the Director of Supercraft3D which is a Singapore head quartered Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) service bureau with focus on Healthcare and Medical applications.

The medical world is opening its eyes to the benefits of custom made implants. Managing large bone defects could be quite a challenge for Orthopedic Surgeons. Custom made implants manufactured by 3D printing technology ensures a precise fit to the bone defect specific to that particular patient. The 3D printed implants offer a superior advantage on both mechanical and biological fronts compared to the current "off-the-shelf" implants. Custom made implants reduce the surgical time, minimize complications and are proving to be a cost-effective solution in difficult scenarios.

The technology also allows building models for a more effective surgical pre-planning and patient education. The hindrances to 3D printed implants have been the cost, availability and the manufacturing time which have been addressed by the Supercraft3D team. With increasing awareness and availability, 3D printing is ready to take the next big leap in revolutionizing modern medicine.

Supercraft3D has raised $1 million, or approximately Rs. 6.6 crore, from Flipkart cofounder Binny Bansal and four other angel investors.

Supercraft3D Offerings

Supercraft3D offers implants for Cranioplasty, Maxillofacial Implants, Cones for Knee Replacement, Custom Acetabulum Implants, & Bio-Models. Let us take a detailed look at these offerings.
Supercraft3D - Cranioplasty


Cranioplasty using 3D printed custom-made Titanium implants has allowed surgeons to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction tremendously. The CT scan images of the skull are fed into precision software systems to produce the optimum design of the cranial implant. The custom 3D printed implant restores skull-shape symmetry, improve the cosmetic appearance & fills the bony void.
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Maxillofacial Implants

The custom 3D printed Titanium implants have revolutionized maxillofacial reconstruction and dental implant surgery. Our technology has successfully treated various clinical conditions such as trauma, tumours, congenital deformities, pseudarthrosis, etc.

Supercraft3D provides end-to-end solutions for 3D printing of anatomical models, tumor resection jigs and cutting guides, and custom-made titanium implants for complex surgeries to enable surgeons to provide the best possible outcomes to their patients.
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Supercraft3D - Maxillofacial Implants
Supercraft3D - Femur-Tibia-Cones-implants

Femur & Tibia Cones

Cones enhance stability of the construct within the distal femur and proximal tibia in Revision Arthroplasty, complex primary arthroplasty, tumours and other conditions with significant bone loss.

The cone augments are 3D printed porous Titanium augments that would be useful in the Revision arthroplasty and tumour reconstruction procedures. The design of the cones fit the commonly used revision knee systems (Zimmer, Meril PCK, etc.). They are available in 3 sizes keeping in mind the Asian knee morphology.
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Acetabulum Implants

Custom 3D printed porous Titanium implants have revolutionised complex acetabular reconstructions. The CT scan images of the pelvis are fed into precision software systems to produce the optimum design of the acetabular implant. Increased contact surface area allows for better fixation achieving immediate stability & better Osseo-integration.

Depending on the available bone stock, the 3D printed custom-made shell will have pre-planned, well directed holes for screw fixation. The choice to cement a poly cup or cement a dual mobility cup can be based on the surgical need.
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Supercarft3D - Acetabulum Implants
Supercraft3D - Anatomical 3D Models

Anatomical Bio-Models

The advantage of 3D printing allows for accurate and quick reproduction of exact anatomical replica of an individuals' body part directly from the CT scan and MRI scan data.

> Pre-planning for complex surgery
> Helps in 3D visualisation and understanding of complex anatomy
> Training tool for surgeons and medical students
> Patient education tool
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